A collection of hand-built sculptures that sparks contemplation on the profound symbolism of art, growth, and the foundational elements that weave the tapestry of life.

The Artist | Daisy Squires

I am a constantly evolving creative based in Naarm/Melbourne, Australia. My journey in the realm of art serves as a dynamic lens through which I delve into the depths of my own identity and connect with others on a more profound level. It acts as a continual exploration of both the intricate workings of my mind and the fascinating world that surrounds me. My hands serve as the conduits for manifesting both the tangible realities and the ethereal visions that emerge from the ongoing exploration of my life's journey.

The process of defining myself as an artist has been a transformative one, marked by a willingness to surrender preconceived notions and release the constraints of predefined outcomes. In this transformative journey, Smoulder Home has become more than a physical space; it is my creative sanctuary. It's a place where the alchemy of artistic expression thrives, where I can freely explore, experiment, and embrace the evolving nature of my creative process. Smoulder Home encapsulates the essence of my artistic evolution, providing a canvas for both self-discovery and the creation of meaningful connections through art.


Smoulder was born when I moved out of home in 2020. As I started to explore my own personal style in setting up my first home, I discovered a creative freedom within myself that was previously unknown.

Having always been creatively inclined, I found myself making art through graphic design - a rather structured format. I knew there was more in me waiting to be unleashed.

Unbeknownst to me, setting up home was where I truly started feeling safe to create playfully, without a brief guiding me. I tried my hand at activities I had not attempted before, enrolling in a ceramics course on the wheel. Although it was incredibly beneficial, technicality-wise, it still felt too structured.

When I discovered hand building, I truly found the flow and fluidity I had been longing for. The first feminine form I ever made flowed so effortlessly from my hands that I knew there was something here for me. It felt like I'd found a new purpose - a new home.