This collection is a deeply personal gift to my community. As I embraced my own feminine energy, I discovered a more harmonious approach to life, love, and my sense of self. The creation of my first-ever bust was a flowing expression, bringing me a profound sense of peace and mindfulness in shaping these distinctive forms. My aspiration is that, through my art, you also connect with your own beauty and feminine energy.

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Lay with me

The 'Lay with me' collection is a tribute to the moments that shape who we are— the pain, the fear, the love, and the journey of self-discovery. It encourages us to turn inward and surrender to the transitions, feeling supported by both our inner strength and the arms that surround us. 'Lay with me' invites us to embrace the inevitable shifts in life. Personally inspired by the resilient women in my life, who navigate the experiences of birth, love, heartbreak, illness, and health, this collection prompts a collective pause. Within that pause, our authentic nature unfolds, and our humble evolution persists. It serves as a poignant reminder to embrace moments in time, to lay with ourselves and acknowledge the depth of our experiences.

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Sacred Salads

The 'Sacred Salads' collection extends a heartfelt invitation, sparking that eager curiosity to enrich and explore your daily rituals. Rooted in the fond memories of our family's bustling dining table, where every evening brought together reflection, shared stories, and a meal crafted with love, this collaboration felt like a natural choice. Given our shared passion for condiments, we decided to showcase our repertoire of flavourful dressings alongside some favourite salads that grace our home often. 'Sacred Salads' is an ode to turning everyday routines, like preparing nourishing food for ourselves and our loved ones, into moments filled with inspiration and lasting memories.

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