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Decay is a gritty yet essential part of the transformative journey. It's not a sign of loss but a trigger for renewal, reminding us that new beginnings can sprout from the remnants of the old. Dirt embraces Decay as a natural force, seamlessly integrating it into the fabric of growth. Like nature rejuvenates through the breakdown of the old, Dirt challenges us to view Decay not as an end but as a dynamic phase in life's ongoing evolution. In this collection, Decay becomes the raw material for regeneration, encouraging us to face change with resilience and appreciate the beauty of transformation's cyclical nature.

Each piece is crafted with care in my home studio. Every form carries its own unique narrative, where every lump, bump, and curve reflects the dynamic and evolving nature of our human bodies.

22cm L x 11cm W

Fired to Stoneware

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