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Rain isn't just weather, it's a transforming power that nourishes the soil of our existence. Like an artist's brush, Rain in this collection represents the spark for growth, washing away stagnation and infusing life into the creative landscape. Dirt encourages us to revel in the downpour of inspiration, welcoming the refreshing touch of Rain as it breathes life into the sculptures of our personal growth. It's a dynamic element that revitalises and rejuvenates, echoing the essence of renewal in every artistic and human journey. In Dirt, Rain is the rhythmic heartbeat, inviting us to flourish in the fertile soil of possibility.

Each piece is crafted with care in my home studio. Every form carries its own unique narrative, where every lump, bump, and curve reflects the dynamic and evolving nature of our human bodies.

14.5cm H x 16cm W

Fired to Stoneware

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