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Roots go beyond being just anchors; they're the life force connecting the present to the past, nurturing the potential for growth. Like the crafted masterpieces themselves, Roots delve deep into personal and creative evolution. Dirt appreciates Roots as the solid foundation offering stability, resilience, and a sense of origin. It urges us to recognise and respect our own roots, understand our origins, and draw strength from the intricate network of experiences shaping our unique stories. In this collection, Roots aren't merely hidden; they're the essential force empowering us to rise, unfold, and blossom into our fullest selves.

Each piece is crafted with care in my home studio. Every form carries its own unique narrative, where every lump, bump, and curve reflects the dynamic and evolving nature of our human bodies.

21cm L x 12cm W

Fired to Stoneware

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