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Learning and unlearning through the BLM movement has been deeply unsettling yet, at the same time, so very powerful, as we - a collective - move into deeper acknowledgment for how a skin colour can impact our experience and privilege in this world. This piece is a celebration of people of colour in every form they take. Entering this conversation can be intimidating, but it's vital that we have it rather than to shy away. My hope is that this piece serves as a celebration of BIPOC power.

50% of the sale price will be donated to Pay the Rent in your name with the purchase of this form. 

Each piece is lovingly hand-built in my home studio in Northcote, my patience and attention to detail is evident in every bust. You will notice that every body has their own story to tell, with each lump, bump and curve representing the ever changing nature of our own human bodies.

16.5cm h x 17.5cm w

Fired to Stoneware

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