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Sow isn't just about planting seeds; it's a purposeful act of crafting potential and fostering growth. Sow represents a bold start, intentionally scattering creative seeds that will later grow into meaningful expressions. Dirt encourages us to be mindful sowers, strategically spreading our aspirations and nurturing the fertile ground of our pursuits. It's a call to sow with purpose, recognising that each seed holds the promise of artistic and personal growth. In this collection, Sow is the dynamic move that drives the narrative forward, prompting us to embrace the transformative power inherent in intentionally planting the seeds of our aspirations.

Each piece is crafted with care in my home studio. Every form carries its own unique narrative, where every lump, bump, and curve reflects the dynamic and evolving nature of our human bodies.

17.5cm H x 16cm W

Fired to Stoneware

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